The concept of Open Form has different meanings in each of the fields of music, architecture and painting. It can be a music piece, which has mobile or polyvalent forms, where the order of movements or sections is left up to the performer; or it can also be a work, which is fundamentally incomplete or references outward from itself.

In the NewOpenForm, the order of the sections, motifs or samples is still partially left up to the performer, but the concept of authorship is opened up to a collective one.

With the possibilities of the Internet, NewOpenForm takes the notion of Open Form and goes even further with the idea of incomplete pieces free of one distinct linear shape, and free of individual ownership.

The creation of the piece (how the samples will be connected to each other and form a structural theme) is left to the virtual community of the World Wide Web. The same piece can be created by one or by x number of persons.

To make a piece, it’s necessary to deal with the rules of NewOpenForm that are part of the structure of the program itself. The rules of probability of the arrows are, for example, one thing that cannot be alter in his piece. This means that the “computer”- the program- becomes a sort of “meta-composer”.

Various creators are involved in each part of the composition process. How important are the different stages of the compositional process? What creates the piece: The basic rules? The restrictions of the software? The formal score created on the Internet? Or the material, the samples of the musicians, which are themselves unique sounds?

These questions will stay purposefully open…