The time structure of the NewOpenForm pieces has a two-dimensional visualization, which creates a more abstract perspective of one-dimensional time. The distances between the elements of the graph represent not only time distances, they also represent distances between each other’s formal function. The graph-structure of the pieces matches a layer of cognitive perception, which constructs relationships between objects, deeper than a simple  classification of elements in the time.  The idea of controlled chance is necessary for this two-dimensional representation; for without chance the graph would simply collapse into a simple linear sequence.

The NewOpenForm program is indeed also involved in visuals arts. Different skins are already available to read the pieces as music or video but also as drawings. Artists as well as musicians for sounds or filmmakers for videos, are invited to purpose new skins. 


credits: Augustin Maurs (cello samples), Clayton Thomas (doublebas samples) Jordane Maurs (piece)

cello choreography:

credits: Augustin Maurs (cello samples) Vaslav Nijinsky ( dance 1910-12) Jordane Maurs (piece)


credits: Frank Gratkowswi (bassclarinet samples) Jordane Maurs & Michael Wilhelmi (piece)

slow tarantella:

credits: Michael Wilhelmi (piano samples) Vaslav Nijinsky ( dance 1910-12) Jordane Maurs (piece)