Some of the sounds of NewOpenForm come from already fixed pieces. These pieces have been deconstructed however to be re-built, so that a completely different approach than the one used in the sound’s original creation can be applied to them.

NewOpenForm uses isolated musical events to distort the original structure of the whole piece, so as to exploit the phrasing of the musicians and use it in another way. In contrast to most acoustic recordings that, edited with cuts, try to fake a live interpretation, NewOpenForm uses the editing technique as a tool to create new impulses, new ideas, through a fresh approach to making music.

The musicians of the NewOpenForm offer their very own material up to a virtual community, who create something totally new and different with it.

Here are some original pieces used in the NewOpenForm as samples:

– Study #1 for cello – Live at Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik 2004